The Suburban Parochial League (SPL), located in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL, was formed in 1973 to promote the advancement of Track & Field and, subsequently, Cross Country at the grade school level. SPL activities are intended to aid a student's development of athletic skills and personal self-worth in an atmosphere of Christian values and good sportsmanship.

This site is intended to provide information to all student athletes, coaches, parents and helpers to enhance their knowledge of the rules of track & field and cross country, and to better serve the schools in the league.

Please join our Facebook Group, an interactive resource for track & field and cross-country coaches, parents and helpers to share their knowledge and experience for the betterment of SPL athletes. Go to and request to join.


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2022 Meet Schedule & Results 

 SPL Return to Play Guidelines 2021 (for reference only)

Cross Country Rules & Procedures

2022 Cross Country Worker Preference List

Cross Country Records

Cross Country Hall of Fame

Cross Country Results History

Cross Country Meeting Minutes

 Meet Hosting 


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