The Suburban Parochial League (SPL), located in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL, was formed in 1973 to promote the advancement of Track & Field and, subsequently, Cross Country at the grade school level. SPL activities are intended to aid a student's development of athletic skills and personal self-worth in an atmosphere of Christian values and good sportsmanship.

This site is intended to provide information to all student athletes, coaches, parents and helpers to enhance their knowledge of the rules of track & field and cross country, and to better serve the schools in the league.
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T-shirts commemorating the 43rd Annual SPL Track & Field Championships!

T-Shirts are on sale for $12.
You can purchase your t-shirt online at:
We are only accepting Visa and Mastercard payments.

* In addition, please note that this year we will only accept pre-orders.
We will not be selling shirts on the day of the meet.
This is an economic decision due to us usually being left with a surplus of t-shirts.

You can pick up your shirt on the day of the Championship Meet.
All proceeds will go to the operating budget of the league.


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